My name is Tremis.


What I do?

I design and build beautiful, easy-to-use digital products, interfaces and experiences based on the wants and needs communicated by clients. People find me to be the kind of professional that is earnest and motivated to finding ways to design products that work for anyone.

When I was a kid...

Creating illustrations with charcoal pencils and watercolor paints was among my favourite things to do. By the time I was a teenager, computers entered my life and I started learning QBASIC and computer repair. By age 17, I was already writing computer games in Visual Basic. Because I was always curious about how people use technology in their everyday lives, I became interested in what is my current profession and hobby.

And now...

I am a product design consultant, advising clients on product and/or service design and development initiatives, performing product idea experiments via prototyping; and providing ongoing support, all to ensure business success. I have an academic and practical background in software engineering and systems administration and for the past several years I have been successful at working with teams in industries within government contracting, non-profit, banking, telecommunications, consumer products, and education.

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For my clients...

I want to use my skills and expertise in UX research, design, prototyping and empathy to help clients create products that really work for users by putting user needs in the forefront of all design initiatives. Creating effective product experiences through user centered design is something that I am passionate about and I always look forward to working with others to make things happen.

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As a designer...

I enjoy collaborating with other designers and developers who believe in putting users at the center of design processes, from idea to implementation. By collectively indentifying user pain-points, wants and needs, all while keeping their goals on top-of-mind, we have a great time working together to ensure that clients are satisfed with the products we create.

Ultimately I am inspired by all things design, I love solving problems, and I love creating products that make clients happy.